Pig Ski


Copper Mountain, Colorado

FEBRUARY 9-11, 2022

Photo Courtesy of Colorado Tourism Office

Pig Ski Conference Agenda

February 9 – 11, 2022

People from all over the United States learn from and network with each other while having fun on the ski slopes. The topics of discussion for the 2022 Pig Ski Conference include the changing economics in the last couple of years and how they affect both the hog and grain side of the industry, what’s new in swine nutrition, and new and unique methods in swine production systems. Kent Bang, a financial officer at Compeer, will share information and his thoughts on economic issues affecting the swine market and the cost of production. Kevin Hugoson of Hugoson Pork, will share information about Hugoson Pork’s farming system and what they do that is unique in the industry. Paul Yeske will share information about African Swine Fever and it’s appearance in the Dominican Republic.


6:00 – 9:00 PM Opening reception/mixer


6:30 AM Buffet breakfast for participants & registered guests
7:00 AM Seminar opening: Introduction of speakers & registered guests
7:15 AM What’s ahead as we look at Pork and other meat prices
Also, what are the lessons learned as a lender
Kent Bang from Compeer
8:15 AM What have we learned about feed biosecurity, what do we take back to the farm
Jason Woodworth, PHD from KSU
9:00 AM Break
9:30 AM Where will feed prices be and what do you see with the Proposition 12 now that it is up and running
Kent Bang from Compeer
10:30 AM Hot nutrition topics being discussed and what the graduate students are working on at KSU
Jason Woodworth, PHD from KSU
11:15 AM Adjourn
6:30 PM Cash bar
7:00 PM Dinner for participants and registered guests


6:30 AM Buffet breakfast for participants and registered guests
7:00 AM Hugoson Pork Inc., an introduction to the company
Kevin Hugoson and others from Hugoson Pork Inc.
8:00 AM ASF in the Dominican Republic and around the world as well what has happened in this year’s PRRS season so far
Paul Yeske, St. Peter, MN
8:20 AM How to have enough people down on the farm and carry out community outreach
Kevin Hugoson and others from Hugoson Pork
9:00 AM Adjourn


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